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Rome Vacation Tips

Your time in Rome is precious.

Let us help you make the most of it.

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Has my Ryanair flight to or from Rome been cancelled?

Unfortunately, a large number of Ryanair flights to and from Rome in September/October 2017 have been cancelled due the company’s management being a “mess”. This page allows you to check the date of your Rome flight to see if it has been affected. 

How do I use Rome’s public transport?

There’s a lot of public transport in Rome and it can be confusing. We show you how to get around the city cheaply.

How do I travel to Rome from Fiumicino airport?

There are two major airports that serve Rome: Fiumicino and Ciampino. If your tour company or hotel isn't sending a driver for you, here are the options to get you from Fimuicino to your hotel.   Related posts: Find out how to get to Rome from Ciampino Airport...

Where can I buy a used bike in Rome?

Rome is not the safest place to cycle. However there are places where used bikes can be bought and the city can be enjoyed at a slower pace.

Do I need to tip in Rome?

How can restaurants in Italy justify charging several euro for a small basket of bread? Find the secret here.

12 reasons you shouldn’t rent a car in Rome

We explain why renting a car in Rome will not enhance your vacation – and why a rental car could become an expensive liability.

What should I see if I have only one day in Rome?

Rome wasn't built in a day, and one day is nowhere near enough to see everything the city has to offer. Even a month isn't enough to be honest. That said, there may be circumstances -  a cruise, a multi-city tour of Italy, a layover - in which you really only have one...

How can I avoid pickpockets in Rome?

What to look out for, and seven tips on how to avoid being a victim.

How do I buy a slice of pizza in Rome?

Italy's the home of the pizza, right? And what could be more simple than buying a slice of this ambrosia? Well, like everything in Italy, not only is it slightly different to how it is at home, it's also a little bit more complicated. Here we explain how to get what...

How to order from an Italian menu

Some of the best restaurants in Rome are outside the usual tourist traps, and may not have menus that are translated into English. This small glossary will help you order.

How do I skip the lines at St. Peter’s Basilica?

St. Peter’s Basilica is free and the lines can be extremely long. There are, however, several legitimate ways to skip the lines. We give you insider tips.

Are ‘skip the line’ tours of the Vatican legitimate?

We assess the pros and cons of paying guides to take you round the Vatican (and other sites), and give you tips to find a good company to do so.

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