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Rome in summer is hot hot hot. You’ll find yourself in desperate need of water, but the next time you go into a store to buy a chilled plastic bottle, stop. Rome is absolutely full of ‘nasoni‘ (‘big noses’) that distribute clean, clear, cool water for free, 24/7.

Urgent information

Due to a severe drought during the summer of 2017, many of the city’s nasoni have been turned off. As the lakes that traditionally supply the city start to run dry, the situation has become so serious that the council are even discussing rationing water, with parts of the city having their water supply cut for 8 hours at a time. This will affect visitors, as their hotels will have no water during these times. Please be understanding, pay attention to what your hotelier/guide tells you and prepare yourself.

At the nasoni of Rome, everyone benefits!

At the nasoni of Rome, everyone benefits!

It’s the legacy of the magnanimity of the ancient emperors, who channeled millions of gallons a day into the city to keep more than a million residents watered, and distributed it for free to the plebeians.

The first aqueduct was built along the Appian Way in 312BC, and by the 1st century AD there were nine serving the city. One entire aqueduct was built solely for the fountains and baths of the palace on the Palatine hill.

More than two thousand years later, the watery legacy remains, and you can benefit from it on your vacation. Just bring a water bottle keep the first bottle you buy, and fill up at will whenever you see a nasone.

It’s super healthy, clean, cold, treated water originating in the Appenine mountains, sometimes brought along the route of the original Roman aqueducts, and it’s always running so never has time to build up any kind of growth in the pipes that feed the fountains.

Some of the original Roman acqueducts are still in use but they only feed the monumental fountains – which is why you should never drink from them.

There’s even an app for it. I Nasoni di Roma, available for iPhone, helps you locate your nearest big nose, while for Android, Drink in Italy does the same thing.

Always refreshing to get something for nothing.