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Rome’s second airport, Ciampino, is closed at night (unlike its bigger counterpart Fiumicino) between the hours of midnight and 4am. The first planes into Ciampino tend to arrive around 6.

If you were planning on crashing in the airport for a night on a bench before an early flight, you’re out of luck and will need to find accommodation.

To get to and from Ciampino in the early hours, your choices are limited. The trains do not run, but as we discussed elsewhere, they are not a good option to Ciampino anyway.

The first Terravision coach leaves Termini at 4.30am (good enough, if all goes well, for a 6.10am flight) and the last coach leaves Termini at 9.20pm – supposedly enough time for an 11pm flight.

The last Terravision coach from Ciampino at night leaves at 12.15am.

Shuttle buses that do the rounds of hotels keep similar hours though do not usually cover the very early hours: some only start running just after 7.30am.

If you have an early or late start, you are better off getting a taxi. Read more about taxis to and from Ciampino =>