How do I get to and from Fiumicino at night?

Regrettably all of the main train and bus services from Fiumicino to Rome center stop running around 11.30pm. Despite this, there are many flights, particularly from other parts of Europe, that arrive after this time, or just before but don’t leave you enough time to get from the plane via the (often very slow) baggage retrieval hall and to your means of transport.

Similarly in the morning, the first Leonardo Express train from Termini to Fiumicino leaves at 5.35am.

If you’re coming in to Fiumicino on a late flight, your flight is delayed, or you’re leaving on an early one, you really have only two choices: taxi or a single, infrequent coach service. As discussed here, taxis are not cheap (€48 set price within the Aurelean walls, meter used for destinations outside them), and have a bit of a bad reputation for adding ‘hidden extras’ for tourists.

Alternatively the Cotral night bus service is very much cheaper, at €7, but only runs every few hours. At the time of writing, these were the times that the Cotral Fiumicino night bus runs from (and to) Fiumicino to Rome’s two major train stations Termini and Tiburtina:

Cotral Fiumicino Night Bus
From Fiumicino Airport (Terminal 1-2) From Tiburtina (Termini about 5 minutes later)
01.15 00.30
02.15 01.15
03.30 02.30
05.00 03.45

At that time of night, the journey will take around 30 minutes.

[If you need to get from Rome city center to Fiumicino, the Cotral bus stop at Termini is in the main bus station (Piazza dei Cinquecento) in front of the train station, opposite the Museo Nazionale Romano.]

Of course once you’ve been dropped off in Rome from the airport you still have the issue of getting to where you’re meant to be going. Rome’s public transport stops running pretty early – both lines stop running at 11.30pm on weekdays, though they run until 1.30am on Friday and Saturday nights. There are night buses around the city, but working out the routes can be somewhat difficult too, and they are infrequent. You would also have to buy a transport ticket in advance as tickets are not sold on the buses.

Arriving in an unknown city in the middle of the night in a sketchy part of town can be something of an intimidating experience, so despite the expense if you arrive at Fiumicino at night, we generally recommend taking a taxi from the airport directly to where you’re staying.