What is the worst restaurant in Rome?

Italy is the nation of food, and Rome has some of the best in the country. But everything in the world lies along a bell curve, and so even Rome must have its offenders.

ta_reviewsThere are places in Rome with poor quality food, there are others with bad service, and yet more with unfair pricing, but getting the trifecta is a tough task.

Which is why, as far as we can tell from a measly one star average score on Google Reviews, and 1.5 on Tripadvisor and Yelp – but also learned through bitter personal experience – the strongest contender for this prize is Caffè Vaticano.

Choice quotations include:

DON´T GO!!! STAY AWAY!!! Worst place ever!

Google Reviews

Bring the lube!!!

Tripadvisor review


Yelp review

Sitting in Viale Vaticano, directly opposite the entrance to the Vatican Museums, the place has absolutely no motivation to indulge in anything other than the bare minimum of service and quality, though the prices are often four or five times higher than regular eateries in the city. The irritating thing is that they just don’t care.

There are plenty of nice places to eat just two minutes’ walk away in the next street, but location is everything. It’s so easy just to say “I’ll meet you at that cafe opposite the entrance”. So our advice is, if you do have to meet someone there, and you want to have a coffee, make sure you drink it standing up at the bar. The moment gluteus maximus meets seat, you are liable for all manner of service charges, the exasperated results of which are posted on review sites daily.

Our favourite review of them all: The Sistine Chapel of Bad.