The best way to get from the airports into Rome (and back again)

Best way to get to Rome from the airport

A taxi from Rome’s main airport, Fiumicino, costs €48 to any destination within the city’s ancient walls. Unfortunately you will find that base price is also subject to a load of hidden extras, such as for luggage, time of day, etc. that you won’t know about until you arrive. And Rome’s cabbies have an unfortunate reputation for playing a little fast and loose with their charges, and the rules, and of course they only take cash.

So… just book an Uber, right? Well no, you can but will cost a fortune. Regular Uber has been banned in Rome. While the app works, and the expensive limo service Uber Black and Uber Lux do exist in the city, the taxi replacement service does not.

So step in a miraculous new service called Welcome Pickups. This combines the best of Uber, in that you can book it in advance, pay online, and you know exactly who’s going to be picking you up – with the best of the taxi service, namely the price, yet transparent pricing and no hidden extras.

Better still, your English-speaking driver will meet you at the gate with a name card, and will wait for your plane for up to an hour in the event of a delay.

Book your Welcome Pickup

For the price of a taxi, you get a named driver who will wait for you in the terminal, speaks perfect English, and can provide local insight.

Sounds too good to be true – but it’s actually better than that. Unlike regular taxi drivers, all Welcome Pickup drivers are local to Rome, chosen for their ability to speak excellent English, and their deep knowledge of the city.

Arriving with a bunch of people? No problem. Welcome Pickups also provides mini vans for up to seven passengers and their luggage for just €69.

How about if you’re flying into Ciampino airport instead? They’ve got that covered too. For the slightly lower price of €44, you can enjoy an identical level of service at Rome’s second airport. Need a minivan from Ciampino? You can get that too – and for only €58.

Book your Welcome Pickup

For just €44, you get a named driver who will wait for you in the terminal, speaks perfect English, and can provide local insight.

Book now so you can relax about getting to your hotel, and spend your time and energy thinking about where to eat and what to see instead.

Welcome Pickups not for you? No problem – find out all your other options to get into Rome city from Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport (and at night) or Ciampino Airport (and at night).

Now make sure you don’t miss out: plan your visit in advance:

English-speaking driver
will wait for your flight
for the price of a taxi

Waits for your flight | English-speaking | Pay online | Sanitized cars

All drivers vetted and guaranteed English-speaking

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Tickets in advance!

Because of ticket supply problems following the end of Covid restrictions, it is strongly advised that you buy tickets and tours in advance to visit attractions in Rome.

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