How to buy vape supplies, e-cigarettes and juice in Rome

Nothing’s worse than being on vacation in a foreign country and having e-cigarette issues.

Smashed your clearomizer and blown up your mod? Did you forget to bring a backup? Are you Vape Nation forever and you want to spin coils while on vacation in the privacy of your own hotel room? Or do you just need new juice?

If your equipment has gone wrong it’s so tempting just to buy nicotine in the form of cigarettes in Rome, but don’t do it!

E-cigs, equipment and juices are widely available in Rome if you know where to look – at least until the the TPD kicks in hard. And better still, most bars and restaurants are still really tolerant of vaping indoors in Rome.

E-cigarette stores in Rome come in two forms: boutique single-brand, and specialist stores that cater to the ultimate \//\/ nerds. Both types sell liquids. There are very few dedicated stores in the city center, though the Smooke chain, which only sells its own products, is in many parts of the city.

Instead of giving you a selection, we point you in the direction of our favorite vaping stores in Rome, which will be able to supply you with anything and everything you need.

Via Piave, 20 (inside the Edel clothing store)
06 483 897
Open Mon-Fri: 10am-1.30pm, 2.30pm-7pm; Saturday: 10am-1pm; closed Sunday.

There’s not much on display but they appear to have most of what you could possibly need for vaping here, and hundreds of different juices and bases of all nicotine strengths, and both VG and PG. They speak basic English and know their stuff. Expect a bit of a wait to get served, but that is because they give each and every customer their full attention.

However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we recommend nearby Svaparoma (at Via Nomentana 217) which is run by vape geeks, and has a huge selection – from advanced mods to the latest clearomisers, electronic testing kits, DIY coil equipment – and a thick fug of vapor when you walk in the door. Be warned that customer service is not their strong point, and you can sometimes wait a very long time to be served.

Now make sure you don’t miss out: plan your visit in advance:

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Photo credit: AFP

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