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No more traffic past the Colosseum

Finally – Pax Romana at the Forum! Roaring round the Colosseum in heavy traffic has been a classic image of Rome since Audrey Hepburn first climbed onto a Vespa, but Via dei Fori Imperiali, the road that passes through the

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Pantheon at night. Rome Vacation Tips.

Short tour of the Pantheon

The Pantheon is not big, but it is stunningly impressive. This short and inexpensive group tour will help you to interpret the amazing sights you can see within and outside.

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Pantheon roof and oculus - skip the lines - Rome Vacation Tips

How to skip the lines at the Pantheon

If you only see one thing during your visit to Rome, make it the Pantheon. It’s the most stunning of all Rome’s monuments. Here’s your insider info on the ticketing situation, opening hours, and lining up.

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Stunning timelapse of Rome

There have been a lot of beautiful films of Rome. There have been a lot of beautiful time-lapse films of Rome. But nothing we’ve seen has ever been quite like this. Expand the video to full screen HD for best

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Don't arrive in Rome without skip the lines tickets

Spend your vacation time enjoying Rome, not lining up.