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There are a number of ways to get to and from the two airports in Rome: Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (also known as Fiumicino airport) and Ciampino airport. Whether you arrive in the morning or at night, get to know the best mode of transportation. Prices and directions included.

Can I travel to Rome at the moment?

As Rome prepares to welcome back the first international tourists while the pandemic eases and vaccinations roll out, we cut through the confusion about who can travel to the country, for what reasons, and from where.

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How do I get to and from Ciampino Airport?

Ciampino is Rome’s second airport, and the destination of choice for many of Europe’s low-cost airlines. It is less well served by transport links than Fiumicino. But, it is closer to Rome city center than Fiumicino. We explore your options.

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Ciampino Airport at night - Rome Vacation Tips

Getting to and from Rome Ciampino airport at night

Favored by low-cost airlines, Ciampino – Rome’s second airport – is closed at night (unlike its bigger counterpart Fiumicino) between the hours of midnight and 4am. The first planes landing into Ciampino tend to arrive around 6am. If you were planning

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How do I book train tickets around Italy?

Italy’s inter-city train network is modern, efficient, and incredibly fast. We highly advise travelling around Italy by train not car. By all means  rent a car at your destination if you want to enjoy exploring the countryside, but it doesn’t

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