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What area to stay in when you visit Rome

Where to stay in Rome

Whether this is your first or your fifteenth Rome vacation, deciding what part of the eternal city to stay in can be overwhelming.  To help you find the best area of Rome to book your hotel in, we’ve put together

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How to visit the mosque in Rome

It may surprise visitors to Rome, given the city’s intensely Catholic history, that the city also boasts another significant place of worship dedicated to a different religion of middle-eastern origin. Just as St Peter’s basilica is the largest church in

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Beer in Rome

If you like beer and you’re coming to Rome, you’re in for a treat. Despite not being beer monsters like their northern European cousins, people in Rome are increasingly learning to love beer. This is mainly due to a craft

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How to buy stamps in Rome

How do I mail a letter in Rome?

To buy stamps, you go to a tobacconist of course! Let me explain. Poste Italiane doubles up as a bank. Due to the many people who use the post office’s banking services, and a somewhat ‘relaxed’ speed of service, this

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