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I run Rome Vacation Tips because even after years of living here I am still spellbound by Rome – and because I still adore introducing people to this incredible city and want to help everyone get the most out of their visit without them having to waste time dealing with the little stuff.

I have put literally hundreds of hours into writing and maintaining this site, for almost no financial gain. It is extremely time consuming to keep this site updated (as well as providing free advice in the Rome section of reddit).

If you feel like you’ve gotten something out of it and would like to show your thanks, you can support this site in a couple of ways: first, I make a small amount of commission every time you buy a ticket through the site. Or secondly, maybe you’d like to buy me a beer (or more) using the PayPal links below.

Buy me a beer

£5 buys me a cool Peroni at my local bar.

Buy me some pasta

£10 buys a plate of carbonara alla romana.

Help me clothe my baby

£20 buys new shoes for my baby daughter.

Help me take my family out

£30 will help me take my wife out to dinner.

Help me do more research

£50 helps me find new stuff for you do in Rome.

Help me pay for some of my camera equipment

£75 will cover some of the costs of photography that I’ve already incurred.

Contribute to site hosting

£100 will pay for hosting this site for a year.