Food and Drink

Rome is a foodies’ paradise with its distinct and proud traditional food culture – but too many options can sometimes be overwhelming. Learn how to choose exactly the right place for those important food experience, to navigate the coffee bars and restaurants, and to avoid tourist traps.

Beer in Rome

If you like beer and you’re coming to Rome, you’re in for a treat. Despite not being beer monsters like their northern European cousins, people

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Gelato Making Class

Meet our gelato ‘artisan’ who will teach you all the ins and outs of how to make your favorite desert. The Gelato making classes begin with an introduction to gelato itself and sherbet and the methods used to make it. You will be making gelato from scratch led by our gelato master. At the end of the lesson you’ll be able to taste samples of your own creations and a other gelato flavors at the Gelateria.

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