How to buy tickets for the Pantheon in Rome

The Pantheon has started to charge tourists a fee to enter the spectacular temple. Finding out where to buy tickets can be tricky - but we reveal how.

On July 3rd, 2023, the Pantheon started to charge tourists a nominal €5 fee to enter the spectacular temple.

We consider this to be a very reasonable price, given that the Pantheon is probably the most impressive thing left behind by the Roman Empire, with original marble and the largest poured-concrete dome in the world, as well as huge cultural significance for the country of Italy.

It is possible to buy tickets at the Pantheon itself, but the line is long and can waste valuable vacation time. Here’s a screenshot of the Skyline Webcam of Piazza della Rotonda, taken at 9.20 am on a July morning in 2023. 

Long line for tickets at the Pantheon - Rome Vacation Tips
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To save time, one should buy tickets online in advance of a visit. Unfortunately the method to buy tickets to the Pantheon online in advance is rather obscure and poorly managed online. 

First, there are many sites that pretend to be official, but will actually try to re-sell you tickets. 

Second, the official sites are not much better: for example the official Pantheon website ( doesn’t sell the basic tickets, but instead tries to flog you audio guides etc. for more money. According to the New York Times, some of these tours don’t even include the basic ticket! 

Meanwhile the official Italian government site for museums and other historical places ( doesn’t work outside Italy.

At Rome Vacation Tips, however, we are happy to reveal exactly how to buy official tickets to the Pantheon. 

Note before you start: we are hearing reports that the official Pantheon website does not accept some non-European credit and debit cards. If you have time, open a Wise account and start up a euro balance, which will allow you to use your Wise debit card on the site (we have tested this with success).

The site has recently added a PayPal option too should you not be able to get your card to work.

Here’s how to buy official Pantheon tickets online to skip the lines:

  1. Visit the official basic Pantheon tickets website and register your name, email address, and create a password. Save the password!
  2. Wait for a confirmation email and click the link in it to verify your address.
  3. Log in using your new credentials.
  4. Once logged in, click the image of the Pantheon roof (the other buttons and links don’t provide any useful information):
pantheon ticket website
  1. Choose a date and time for your visit.
  2. You can only choose dates 30 days in advance – for dates beyond that no times will be shown.
  3. Children under the age of 18 are free but you will need to reserve a free ticket for them. Disabled people (with the correct paperwork) are also admitted for free. More information on free tickets and reductions here (Italian only, and you may need a VPN set to Italy to view it).
  4. Discounted tickets are available for young adults from the EU between the ages of 18 and 25. Reduced tickets are also available to carers of disabled people.
  5. For each ticket type you want to buy, choose the correct number of tickets and click “Aggiungi” (add) to add them to the shopping cart.
pantheon add ticket to cart
  1. Once you have all the ticket/s you want in your cart, go to the Shopping Cart link and click “Finish and Pay”.
  2. This will send you to a confusing screen that says “Entra con SPID”. Ignore this and instead choose “Entra con la tua email”.
spid screen pantheon tickets
  1. Enter the email address to which you want the ticket/s to be sent. Doesn’t have to be the one you registered with.
  2. Click the button marked “Continua” at the bottom of the long terms and conditions screen (all in Italian).
  1. You will be presented with a screen asking what payment method you want to use.
  2. If you want to try your credit card, click “Carta di credito/debito”.
  3. If you want to use Paypal, choose “Altri metodi di pagamento” and go to step 19.
  4. If you’ve chosen credit card, enter your details. If it works, continue. 
  5. If it doesn’t, hit the “back” button and choose “Altri metodi di pagamento”
parntheon methods of payment
  1. You’ll now see a confusing variety of Italy-only methods of payment. Choose either of the ones that say “PayPal” and then proceed. If the one you chose doesn’t work, then choose the other one.
paypal pantheon tickets
  1. Whichever method you’ve chosen, click “pay”. If you’ve chosen credit card the website charges you a 45c booking fee; if PayPal, €1.50.
confirmation screen pantheon ticket
  1. You will receive your ticket/s to the email you entered at step 12 as a PDF attachment.
  2. You can print this or just bring the PDF on your cellphone – the important part is that the QR code can be scanned when you get to the door.
If you’re still unable to buy tickets, have a look at all Pantheon tour options that we offer.

A visit inside the Pantheon takes about 20 minutes. We recommend arriving ten minutes before your visit time.

Please bear in mind that the Pantheon is a consecrated church, so a modest dress code applies.

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Now make sure you don’t miss out: plan your visit in advance:

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Tickets in advance!

Because of ticket supply problems following the end of Covid restrictions, it is strongly advised that you buy tickets and tours in advance to visit attractions in Rome.

Buy your tickets now to avoid disappointment.