How to get a Covid vaccination in Rome as a visitor

With the extreme tightening of “Green Pass” rules in February 2022, it has become increasingly important for people in Italy, even here temporarily, to have an up-to-date Covid-19 vaccination certificate. 

However it is incredibly difficult to obtain information about how to get vaccinated if you’re not registered with the Italian health service (SSN) and thus do not have the Tessera Sanitaria (‘T.S.’, health card) that is required to fill in the online forms to book a vaccination.

A codice fiscale (‘c.f.’, Italian tax number) is often required in situations that don’t require a T.S. Here we lay out the options available to the visitor without a c.f. and/or a T.S.

Please forgive the incomplete and uncertain information below – it’s a complex and changing situation, and what follows is a summary of everything relevant that we’ve drawn together over the past few months, including anecdotes. If you are aware of other relevant information, please get in touch to let us know.

Important note: Covid-19 vaccinations in Italy can only be administered via the public health system. You cannot ‘pay to play’ or jump the line. This ensures equality of opportunity for Italian residents who are registered with the health service, but presents a significant issue for non-residents.

If you are not resident in Italy and don’t have a tessera sanitaria but do have a codice fiscale (tax code), the Lazio health service (ASL) has a service called “Openvax” aimed at non-residents, which has vaccination open days every few weeks.

If you don’t have a codice fiscale it may still be possible to book an appointment with a simulated tax code (see below) though we have not been able to test this. See if there are any open day slots using the button that says “Vaccino” >

Unfortunately at the time of writing (January 2022) there were no Openvax days available. We advise to check back at this website regularly.

Method 1:

According to information provided by ASL Roma 4 (Rome’s 4th health district) if you are a foreigner without a codice fiscale or T.S. it is possible to request an anti-Covid vaccination by emailing them to ask for one, including your given name (including any middle names), family name, date of birth (use international date format DD/MM/YYYY not American format), city and country of birth (use Google Translate to find your country name in Italian), telephone number (including international dialling code), email, and home address.

According to the information provided, you will then be called by the health service with a date, time, and place for a vaccination appointment.

You can use the following as a template if you wish. 

Subject: Richiesta di vaccinazione anti-Covid per stranieri

Gentile ufficio,
richiedo una vaccinazione anti-Covid. Sono straniero/a e sprovvisto/a di codice fiscale.

Indico di seguito i miei dati personali:

Nome: John Paul George
Cognome: Smith
Data di nascita: 01/02/1975
Luogo di nascita: New York, Stati Uniti
Telefono: +1 555 123 4567
Domicilio: 555 Main Street, Sometown, TX 12345, Stati Uniti

Resto in attesa di un appuntamento.

Cordiali saluti,
John Smith

(Where you see o/a, choose ‘o’ or ‘a’ depending if you are male or female respectively.)

It is important to note that ASL Roma 4 catchment area is not in Rome city, it’s in a large area to the north and west of Rome municipality (as shown here) including far-flung Civitavecchia. If you are able to get an appointment, you will likely need to travel outside the city.

While your domicilio should be your address in your home country, it is not known if this is acceptable or if you need to supply the address where you are staying in Italy (and if that needs to be in the ASL Roma 4 catchment area). We have not tried this method so if you try it, please let us know how you got on.

Method 2:

We have heard of people with no Italian documentation at all turning up at vaccination centers (particularly the one at Termini Station and the one at Porta di Roma shopping mall) with nothing more than their passport and asking if there are any spare doses. This has proven effective on more than one occasion, but it seems that without a codice fiscale the recipient cannot be entered into the system that issues the Green Pass.

Method 3:

The charity Sant’Egidio is offering a vaccination service for undocumented people. It’s primarily aimed at homeless people and refugees, so we strongly suggest that if you can find any other way to get a vaccination, you pursue that first. However if you continue to draw a blank, you can register here for your first or third vaccination, even without any documentation at all in Italy. 

A couple of things to know about the codice fiscale:

  1. The Italian government is happy to issue a tax code to anyone living anywhere in the world. This does not mean you have any tax liability to Italy unless you are actually resident there.
  2. Your codice fiscale will be generated by an algorithm based on your name and birth details, so it is possible to predict precisely what yours will be by using a calculator tool (below).

How to get an official codice fiscale

If you are overseas you can apply for a c.f. from your local Italian consulate in your home country. If you are already in Italy but your nearest Italian consulate in your home country has an online service to issue you with one, try this first as it will likely be far less complex than trying to obtain one in Rome.

However if you need to apply in Italy, you should be able to get a c.f. at a Sportello Unico Immigrazione (one-stop immigration desk). In the center of Rome this is at Via IV Novembre 119/a.

You will need to complete a paper form in advance and provide documentation, in particular your passport. If you don’t read Italian, first review this form (in English) following these instructions

Once you’ve done that, print out and fill the identical Italian form with the correct details. Photocopy the photo page of your passport in duplicate, as copies are usually required but there are rarely any public photocopy machines at the offices.

Note there is no guarantee that this will work! Also understand that your first visit may prove fruitless as more documentation may be required. Don’t be disheartened – this is quite normal in Italian government offices. Also it would really help you if you bring with you someone who speaks a modicum of Italian.

How to simulate a codice fiscale

A codice fiscale is generated by combining some of the letters of your name, your date of birth, and your place of birth. It does not change, and can be generated precisely via algorithm.

The reason only an official c.f. is accepted is that in very rare cases, two people may have details that are so similar that their c.f.s come out exactly the same. In this case the Agenzia delle Entrate (tax department) will have to amend one of them.

You can predict what yours should be by completing the form on this page >

If you were not born in Italy, where it says Provincia di nascita choose “Stato estero“. For the next field choose your country’s name – if you don’t know it in Italian, use Google Translate to translate it (e.g. USA is Stati Uniti, UK is Regno Unito).

We don’t know if a simulated c.f. will be enough to satisfy the Green Pass system, but it may allow you to complete one of the forms to book a vaccination.

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