Paint and sip class

Paint and sip class

paint and tipsy class rome vacation tips
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Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)


Rome is the city of art, from the beauty of Bernini to the grandeur of Michelangelo.

And then of course there was Caravaggio. He of the revolutionary chiaroscuro technique, the rousting nature, the imbibing of the city’s local wines, and the works of rare genius.

That is what this fun class gives you: the chance to pick up a brush, quaff some of the local produce, free up your inhibitions, and produce a staggering work of heartbreaking genius (or your best effort).

Included in this class are:

  • A friendly painter, fluent in English, with a gift for instruction
  • All equipment required (easels, paints, canvasses, brushes)
  • Several glasses of local wine
  • A “salumi” (cold cuts and cheese) platter to snack on
  • A calming air-conditioned workspace in the center of the city

So let Rome inspire you, free up that creativity, and return with memories and a souvenir of a very special experience.

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Four steps to making a masterpiece

  1. Meet at the Painting School
    Your instructor will welcome you and your fellow artists at our school, and break the ice with a glass of wine and snacks!
  2. Unleash your Inner Leonardo
    Choose your subject, learn the techniques, and put theory into practice as your paint and sip.
  3. Snack, sip & make a masterpiece
    Over the course of 3 fun-filled hours, you’ll create your own capolavoro, which will rival the works of Michelangelo – if he was a bit tipsy at the time.
  4. Take your art home with you
    Hang it above your fireplace, give it away as a gift, or float it down the Tiber.

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