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Rome is not an expensive city to visit. It gets that reputation sometimes thanks to tourist traps, but most of the classic sights are actually really reasonable to visit – and a huge amount of the city is completely free to enjoy. Below is a growing list of amazing things you can do and see without putting your hand in your pocket.

Why you never need to buy water in Rome

Rome may not be cheap, but there’s one thing that’s always free and available throughout the city – clean, fresh spring water from the Roman aqueducts.

How to see the Pope!

Il Papa is a world figurehead, whether you’re Catholic or not. We show you how you can see him speak during your visit.

Orientation tour: self-guided piazza walk

A gentle, rewarding walk that introduces you to Rome’s major baroque piazzas and some ancient sites. Perfect for those who have just arrived, but to be enjoyed by everyone.

How do I skip the lines at the Pantheon?

The Pantheon is one of the most impressive of all of Rome's ancient sights. Standing in Piazza della Rotonda, in the middle of the historic center of the city, it is one of the only ancient buildings that still takes its place as an integral part of the...

Self-guided walk around the ancient city

This free self-guided walk takes you from the site of Caesar’s death to Rome’s own pyramid, taking in the original Jewish Ghetto and the most beautiful view of the most beautiful city on earth.

Where can I run in Rome?

Running in Rome can be fun and exciting, with trails in its parks and ancient monuments helping you to see a different side of the city.