Rome Vacation Tips-y Tour

Tour of Rome's nightlife

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Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
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The “tipsy tour” is the perfect opportunity for travelers to get familiar with Rome’s sights as well as it’s signature drinks in a sociable and relaxed atmosphere with a fun local guide.

After a warm welcome, a brief plan of action, beer/wine, and some history about the area we head on towards the best viewpoint of the Colosseum to delve into some of its darker history.

Discover the mystery and taboo surrounding the fearsome sport of Gladiatorial combat. After taking this true wonder of the world in we will proceed to a local italian bar to drink a caffè corretto – a cup of Italian coffee “corrected” with Bailey’s! A true delight to the senses.

Venturing onward through the winding cobblestone streets we will head to Rome’s most iconic road built by Mussolini: the Via dei Fori Imperiali. The views of the ancient city of Rome are best enjoyed on a marble bench by a statue of Julius Caesar enjoying a cold, refreshing drink of something strong… while listening to some of the craziest stories of the power hungry Roman Emperors who once ruled the known world.

The last area we will explore is Rome’s most popular neighborhood and hipster district, Monti. Prepare to fall in love with the picture perfect alleys shrouded with vines and to rub shoulders with stylish Italians partygoers who are just beginning their night.

To finish the experience we will sit and enjoy a drink by the fountain from a bar in a lively square in Monti, from where you can continue the evening – maybe with some new friends you met this evening!


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