Hooch and History: the Tipsy Tour of Rome

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Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
18+ only

Meet a bunch of like-minded visitors for this raucous - and slightly outrageous - exploration of the sights, scandals, and drinks of Rome, which ends up in one of the city's authentic, locals-only hotspots.

This is a tour with a twist (of lemon, perhaps?!). At each waypoint will enjoy a fortifying tipple, and as we proceed you will hear shocking stories about Rome that the history books leave out.

We begin on the best viewpoint above the Colosseum with a gentle beer or wine to ease you in. Here we’ll get our action plan for the night, and you’ll learn the dark secrets and the outrageous behaviour of the gladiators, who became the world’s greatest celebrities – if they survived.

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Now we swan into a local italian bar to drink a caffè corretto. This espresso has been “corrected” with a shot of something much harder. Incredibly, some more traditional Italians still have a cheeky one of these at breakfast before heading to work!

Next we find ourselves on the majestic road driven by Mussolini through the Imperial Forum – the Via dei Fori Imperiali. In front of the Trajan Forum we meet the likeness of a much earlier dictator, Julius Caesar, and toast his statue with something cold and befitting the strength of the famed military leader, while we learn of the torrid affairs and intrigue of ancient Roman emperors and their consorts.

From here we meander into Rome’s most happening district: Monti. Centered around its beautiful square, Monti is full of picturesque alleys bedecked with vines, teeming with stylish Italians, and dotted by hidden night-spots. This is no trourist trap – this is the real deal, where the beautiful people of Rome bar-hop and hang out drinking all night long.

To round off a perfect boozy stroll we’ll take a perch by the gorgeous Catecumeni Fountain, the place to see and be seen, and enjoy a refreshing cocktail from a nearby bar.

The tour may be over but we suspect your night may be just beginning. Our guide will give you pointers to take in some of the world-renowned bars and clubs in this trendy area, and perhaps you and the new friends you have just made might want to continue the revelry into the wee hours.

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