The optical illusion of St Peter’s Basilica from Via Niccolò Piccolomini

The weird thing about this street is that is the further away from St Peter’s you get, the bigger it seems to become.

This amazing view is from a residential street on the hill to the south-West of the Vatican, near Villa Doria Pamphili.

The optical illusion of St Peter's Basilica from Via Niccolo Piccolomini

It’s about 15 minutes’ walk from Baldo delgi Ubaldi Metro station (Linea A) or the same from San Pietro train station, up a steep hill overlooking the dome of St Peter’s Basilica.

The street – a well-heeled residential avenue – is named for Niccolò Piccolomini, who was made archbishop of Benevento in 1464 by Pope Pius II, but died a mere three years later. 

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Photo credit: AFP

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