Should I get a Roma Pass?

The many pros and few cons of the Roma Pass – we’ve got all the answers here to Rome’s discount vacation ticket.

How to skip the line at the Vatican

The queues to get into the Vatican are notoriously long, and the Roman sun is hot. We show you how to keep your cool by skipping the lines.

How to order a coffee in Rome

This guide and glossary will help you order a coffee in Italy, and don’t miss the warnings at the end of the article.

Beer in Rome

If you like beer and you’re coming to Rome, you’re in for a treat. Despite not being beer monsters like their northern European cousins, people in Rome are increasingly learning to love beer. This is mainly due to a craft beer revolution currently underway in Italy, with hundreds and hundreds of small artisanal producers popping […]

How do I get to and from Ciampino Airport?

Ciampino is Rome’s second airport, and the destination of choice for many of Europe’s low-cost airlines. It is less well served by transport links than Fiumicino. But, it is closer to Rome city center than Fiumicino. We explore your options. Arriving after 11pm? How to get to and from Ciampino airport at night > Getting […]

Do I need to tip in Rome?

How can restaurants in Italy justify charging several euro for a small basket of bread? Find the secret here.

Why you never need to buy water in Rome

Rome may not be cheap, but there’s one thing that’s always free and available throughout the city – clean, fresh spring water from the Roman aqueducts.

Orientation tour: self-guided piazza walk

Self-guided tour: a gentle, rewarding walk that introduces you to Rome’s major baroque piazzas and some ancient sites. Perfect for those who have just arrived, but to be enjoyed by everyone.

How do I mail a letter in Rome?

How to buy stamps in Rome

To buy stamps, you go to a tobacconist of course! Let me explain. Poste Italiane doubles up as a bank. Due to the many people who use the post office’s banking services, and a somewhat ‘relaxed’ speed of service, this means that post offices often build up very long lines; to get round this the […]

Getting to and from Rome Ciampino airport at night

Ciampino Airport at night - Rome Vacation Tips

Favored by low-cost airlines, Ciampino – Rome’s second airport – is closed at night (unlike its bigger counterpart Fiumicino) between the hours of midnight and 4am. The first planes landing into Ciampino tend to arrive around 6am. If you were planning on crashing in the airport for a night on a bench before an early flight, […]

Where can I run in Rome?

Running in Rome can be fun and exciting, with trails in its parks and ancient monuments helping you to see a different side of the city.

Where’s the bathroom?

There are very few public bathrooms in Rome. Here are some shortcuts for when you’re caught short.

Rome for kids

Rome can be the most wonderful playground with the right preparation, allowing adults and kids alike to have an incredible experience. Here’s how.

How to order from an Italian menu

Some of the best restaurants in Rome are outside the usual tourist traps, and may not have menus that are translated into English. This small glossary will help you order.