How do I get to and from Fiumicino Airport (FCO) at night?

How to get from FCO into Rome

Night transport to and from Fiumicino is limited. We explore your options. Updated December 2022.

During the day, you will find frequent trains offering a non-stop service from Fiumicino airport to Rome Termini every half an hour. The journey only takes around 32 minutes. There are also multiple bus services as well as taxis, etc.

Regrettably all of the main train and bus services from Fiumicino to Rome center stop running around 11.30 pm and don’t run again until about 5.30 am.

Despite this, there are many flights, particularly from other parts of Europe, that arrive after this time, or just before but don’t leave you enough time to get from the plane via the (often very slow) baggage retrieval hall and to your means of transportation.

Similarly in the morning, the first Leonardo Express train from Termini to Fiumicino leaves at 5.35am, getting in at just after 6am, which is cutting it too fine even for a 7am flight.

(Note: if you’re leaving very early in the morning and do want to stay in the airport, there is only one hotel truly in the airport grounds and within walking distance of the terminals – the Hilton Rome Airport. All other “airport hotels” are various distances outside the airport complex and rely on shuttle buses.)

If you’re coming in to Fiumicino on a late flight, or your flight is delayed, or you’re leaving on an early one, you really have only a few choices: taxi, limo, hotel shuttle, or a somewhat infrequent coach service. As discussed here, taxis are not cheap (€51 set price within the Aurelian walls, meter used for destinations outside them), and have a bit of a reputation for adding ‘hidden extras’ for tourists.

Best taxi alternative

There’s a fantastic service called Welcome Pickups that is highly recommended. It costs the same amount as the base taxi rate, but with transparent pricing it has no hidden extras, allows you to book in advance and pay online, sends you the photo and identity of the driver by email, who will wait for you at the gate with a card, and is guaranteed to speak very good English and can provide visit advice. Read more, or book this service directly using the button below:


A compromise between taxi, limo, or night bus (below) would be an airport-hotel shuttle, that will meet you at your flight and take you to your hotel for €55 per person (discounts kick in after three people); you can also arrange for them to pick you up and return you to the airport when your visit is over.

Buses to and from Fiumicino at night

Only two of the major bus companies run buses at night. The major operators (Terravision, Sitbus, and Schiaffini) all stop running between 10 and 11 pm, from either end of the journey and start again just after 5.30 am.

The two bus companies that do run night services are Cotral and Tambus. Cotral buses stop at Termini Station then continue to Tiburtina Station, while Tambus coaches stop at Ostiense Station then continue to Termini. 

Cotral Fiumicino Airport Night Bus timetable

From Fiumicino Airport

(Terminal 1-2 bus stand)

00:45 (Sundays/holidays only)

(arrives Tiburtina bus station 10 minutes later than listed times)

From Termini station

(Via Giolitti)

23:35 (Sundays/holidays only)

(leaves Tiburtina bus station 10 minutes earlier than listed times)

Cotral tickets can be bought on the bus or at newsstands listed here

Tambus night buses between Fiumicino airport and Rome city

The other company that runs buses between Fiumicino and Rome City at night is the Tambus serice. The coach runs from Fiumicino Town, then stops outside Terminal 3 at Fiumicino airport, goes first to Ostiense Station, and ends at the bus stop at Termini Station in central Rome is at Via Giolitti

Tambus Fiumicino Airport Night Bus timetable

From Fiumicino Airport

(Terminal 3 bus stand)

(arrives at Ostiense 15 minutes earlier)

From Termini station

(Via Giolitti)

then 30 minutes past the hour until

(leaves Ostiense 15 minutes later)

The journey takes approximately 40 minutes.

Tickets can be bought in advance online, or from these outlets in the city center.

Of course, once you’ve been dropped off in Rome from the airport you still have the issue of getting to where you’re meant to be going. Rome’s public transport stops running pretty early – both Metro lines stop running at 11.30pm on weekdays, though they run until 1.30am on Friday and Saturday nights. There are night buses around the city, but working out the routes can be somewhat difficult too, and they are infrequent. You would also have to buy a transport ticket in advance as tickets are not sold on the buses.

Arriving in an unknown city in the middle of the night in a sketchy part of town can be something of an intimidating experience, so despite the expense if you arrive at Fiumicino at night, we generally recommend hailing a taxi or taking a welcome pickup from the airport directly to where you’re staying.

Now make sure you don’t miss out: plan your visit in advance:

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Tickets in advance!

Because of ticket supply problems following the end of Covid restrictions, it is strongly advised that you buy tickets and tours in advance to visit attractions in Rome.

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