Where do I still need to wear a face mask in Italy? July 2022 update

From June 1, 2022, the rules around vaccination certificates and the wearing of masks in Italy and Rome changed. No vaccination certificate is required to enter Italy, and the rules around the wearing of masks is now much more relaxed. However a couple of restrictions remain.

Important: the Health Department initially claimed that from June 16, masks would no longer be required on public transport. However the obligation was not in fact cancelled, and has now been extended until September 30, 2022.

Here are the notable circumstances where masks used to be required but are no longer needed.

Where are face masks no longer required in Rome and Italy?

  • Anywhere outdoors
  • Flights to and from Italy, and domestic flights (though your carrier may impose a different interpretation of the rules)
  • Shops and supermarkets
  • Outdoor sporting events
  • Beauty parlors, hairdressers, barbers
  • Cinemas/movie theaters
  • Theaters
  • Indoor sports stadiums
  • Museums, historical sites
  • The Vatican Museums (even though Vatican City is a different country to Italy)
  • Note that masks have never been required for children under six years of age

Bear in mind that for it is still be considered a courtesy to wear a mask for the peace of mind of local people. Use your best judgement to assess if elderly and vulnerable people are wearing masks, and please be courteous and do so to make them feel reassured, even if a mask is not legally required.

Where are face masks still required in Rome and Italy?

  • All public transport including trains, planes, buses, taxis, and cruise ships (if under Italian jurisdiction)
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors’ clinics
  • Other medical facilities
  • Care homes

These rules are in place until September 30, 2022

What kind of face masks are still required in Rome and Italy?

In most cases the FFP2 type of mask is required. An FFP2 mask protects against particle sizes up to 0.6 μm, and reduces exposure to such airborne particles by a factor of 10 compared to no mask at all. While of course the virus is much smaller than this, virus-bearing airborne droplets expelled by people coughing, sneezing, or even talking, are larger than 0.6 μm and are effectively blocked by such masks – particularly if an infected person is wearing the mask, and is thus prevented from infecting others.

Where can I buy suitable face masks in Rome?

Suitable FFP2 type face masks can be bought at any pharmacy, tobacconist, or supermarket throughout Italy as well as at most convenience stores.

How much do FFP2 face masks cost in Italy?

The maximum payable price for such a face mask is 75c. In most places you can buy packs of 10 such masks for about €5.

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