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If you thought that a city packing more than 2,000 years of intrigue, murder, and mayhem would get away without being severely haunted, you would be profoundly wrong. The eternal city is packed with spirits, and we will help you find them.

Rome is crowded with the restless souls of the dead, from the tombs to the catacombs, from the killing fields of the Colosseum to the murky depths of the Tiber river.

Our night walk will take you to the creepiest, most atmospheric, most haunted parts of the entire city so you can feel your skin crawl as you thrill to legends that have genuinely kept Roman citizens lying awake for centuries.

After the sun sets, join our ghoulish guide for a moonlight adventure through the dark and eerie streets and alleyways of Rome, where the souls of emperors, popes and tortured artists haunt the city to this day.

Your shadowy escort will take you to forgotten and macabre corners of the eternally spooky city where you will learn the legends of ghosts, plots, assassinations, and gruesome and wrongful executions – and the spirits that continue to walk these very streets, still pleading their innocence.

WARNING: if you are sensitive to and disturbed by the spirits of the dead, we are concerned that this tour may be overwhelming for you, and we urge you to re-think. On the other hand if you are sensitive to the spirits of the dead and want to meet some of them, then (even though we can’t guarantee it) you could even come face-to-face with a phantasm on this dark and creepy walk.

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