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Pandemic news:

With a few exceptions, Italy is open to travellers! The country is fully open and travel is permitted freely. See if how you can travel to Rome now >

All sites in Rome are open but tickets for museums and other sites MUST now be booked in advance >

Masks do not currently need to be worn outdoors. Entry to many indoor spaces is dependent on having a ‘Green Pass‘ or equivalent vaccination certificate. What you need to know about the Green Pass >

Essential advice for the Eternal City:
insider info from locals so you can
 spend more time enjoying Rome. 

How to skip the lines in Rome

Spend more time enjoying Rome and less time lining up.

How to do the basics in Rome

A guide to all the little things, to save you precious time.

How to get around Rome​

Navigate the city like a local – fast and inexpensive.

Buy Rome tickets and tours

Browse all the amazing things to see and do in Rome.

What to eat and drink in Rome

Find the best food and drink at every meal.

Where to stay in Rome

A review of Rome’s neighborhoods and hidden gem eateries.

Rome off the beaten path​

See another side of Rome. Avoid the stereotypes.

Keep out of trouble in Rome

Get peace of mind so you can enjoy your vacation more.

Walks around Rome

Incredible self-led and guided walks around the city.

Rome for free and low cost

Anyone who told you Rome’s expensive doesn’t know the city. Enjoy Rome like a local for next to nothing.

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Tickets in advance!

Because of Covid-19 precautions, you now have to
buy tickets in advance to visit attractions in Rome.

Buy your tickets now to avoid disappointment.