How do you get from Civitavecchia to Rome?

How do you get from Civitavecchia to Rome?

The port town of Civitavecchia, into which most Mediterranean cruise liners dock to visit the city of Rome, is much further from Rome than many people think. By road the minimum travel time is an hour, but with traffic involved it can take between an hour and a half and two hours. Luckily there are fast and cost-effective options to get into the city, which we explore here. Here’s the best ways to get from Civitavecchia into Rome.

Trains from Civitavecchia to Rome

This is the cheapest and fastest transport option from Civitavecchia into Rome. There are various fast services from Civitavecchia, and some slower regional trains.

The first train leaves Civitavecchia just before 4.28am. This is a slower regional train, that arrives into Rome’s main station Termini at 5.48am – one hour and 20 minutes. The cost for the slower Civitavecchia-Rome service to Termini station is only €4.60.

The first express train leaves Civitavecchia at 4.58am and arrives into Ostiense station at 5.43 – only 47 minutes later. Note that Ostiense – while in an interesting area in its own right – isn’t in the dead center, of Rome but you can easily catch a fast train to other parts of the city, often for only €1. The Ostiense trains also stop at Roma San Pietro, which is right next to the Vatican and is a great jumping-off point to explore the city.

There’s also an express service that comes into Termini. The cost for the express Civitavecchia-Rome service to Ostiense or Termini stations ranges from between €8.50 and €10 depending on how far in advance you book and which station you arrive into.

Trains into Rome from Civitavecchia run about every 30 minutes until the evening, when they’re about every hour. The last  train from Civitaveccia to Rome (Termini) at night is at 10.41pm, but the last express train to Ostiense is at 9.17pm.

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Trains from Rome to Civitavecchia

Coming back from Rome to Civitavecchia, the last express train from Ostiense leaves just after midnight at 12.11am and gets into Civitavecchia at 12.15am. The last direct train from Termini leaves at 11.27pm and gets you to Civitavecchia at 12.44am.

If you miss the last train back to Civitavecchia from Rome, you’re going to have to hang around until 5.26am when the first train from Termini leaves for Civitavecchia (arriving at 6.40am).

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Taxi from Civitavecchia to Rome

A taxi from Civitaveccia to Rome starting cost is high: around €130. Depending on traffic and whether you’re being charged a flat fare or the cabbie is using the meter – and if the latter, how much traffic there is on the roads. There are far faster and cheaper options.

If you do want to take a car with driver, we highly recommend the very excellent Welcome Pickups service, which is about €10 more expensive than a taxi but sends a vetted, English-speaking driver with a wealth of tourist knowledge to meet you directly from your ship. Book here >

And if you were thinking of trying Uber too, forget it: Uber doesn’t exist in Rome, at least not like you know it. Its sister service (which will work with the app) is the Uber Black limo service but the prices for this from Civitavecchia are extortionate.

Day excursion services

If you only have a day or two to visit Rome and don’t want to have to think about your transport (beyond a short shuttle bus) this is your ideal option. You are guaranteed to see the absolute highlights of Rome in a very short time, and do not have to worry about tickets, buses, etc. Highlights include St Peter’s Basilica, the Spanish Steps, and the unmissable Pantheon, and then will get you back to your cruise ship in the late afternoon. Book a grand tour of Rome from Civitavecchia for €55 per adult >

Rome Day Pass from Civitavecchia

This pass takes you from Civitavecchia to Rome (San Pietro – right by the Vatican) on the train, and back again, gives you a day on the hop-on-hop-off bus around the city, and gives you a 20% discount on all subsequent Rome tickets bought from Ticketbar. Order your pass now for €50.50 per adult >

Coach and bus services to Rome

Coach services from Civitavecchia to Rome are cost-effective but slow. You can buy a ticket on multiple private coach companies for about €10 each way – ask on your ship. Local bus services are available for about €4 per ticket but negotiating the routes

Renting a car

Really not worth it unless you want to explore the countryside. If you want it just to get to Rome, bear in mind a rental car takes longer than the train, it’s stressful, there are tolls on the freeway, there’s nowhere to park, and more.

The locals’ insider opinion

Having done this journey many times over many years, there really is only one choice: the train is the way to go. Faster, more comfortable, cheap and convenient. Book train tickets here >